About Us

It all started back in 2005, over beers with a friend. Chris, a keen kitesurfer from land locked Nottingham had concluded that there was no, individual clothing brand specifically aimed at the kitesurf market. Chris, now co-owner of Deadman Kitesurfing had stumbled across what was going to be a journey of epic proportion.

He began by recruiting his faithful graphic designer friend, Jonathan, persuading him, along with a clutch of his hard earned cash, to get on board. All of this in exchange for a part share In Chris’s vision.

And so it began. Armed with limited amounts of cash and a handful of designs, Deadman Kitesurfing was born.

Their individual and quirky kitesurf inspired designs began to take off. There look was distinctive and original that the pair soon gained a following of kitesurfers who became fiercely loyal to their brand.

Fast forward ten years and Deadman Kitesurfing is still going strong. With its ever growing and loyal customer base linked with Chris and Jonathan’s passion to develop the business, Deadman is expanding at a rate of knots.

Over the years, many kitesurf specific brands have entered the marketplace, providing welcome competition to the kitesurfing market, only to disappear as fast as they emerged. Only one company has truly shone through as the UK’s number one, kitesurf inspired clothing brand.

Deadman Kitesurfing have developed there business by following the ethos that the customer is key and by providing a friendly, personal service where nothing is too much trouble for its clients, they have developed a truly unique business model.

Still run by the same team, they design for the kitesurfing lifestyle they love – using fun, creativity and laughter as the backbone of Deadman Kitesurfing. They love the British coastline and all the kitesurfing locations it has to offer. (when they get the chance!).

Deadman Kitesurfing is a true British success story proving that with imagination, determination, team spirit and a strong will to succeed, anything is possible.

They are looking forward to the next ten years ………